Article by ITA – Italian Trade Agency beIT about Beluga Drone and EuroLink Systems

“The Italians who are inventing the future now.”

We are proud to announce that ITA – Italian Trade Agency talked about Beluga Drone in their website and in their social media!

ITA – Italian Trade Agency talked about us in the column about Made in Italy excellence in the Machinery, Automation and Components sector.

This column periodically talks about Italian companies that are bringing innovations to the sector.

For the occasion, we also shot a video where we explain the creation and conception process of the Beluga drones. Take a look at it here below.

From the ITA – Italian Trade Agency’s Social Media:

“Italy has a fascinating history of creativity for flying objects: think Leonardo da Vinci. Nowadays, Italy is a global powerhouse in the robotics industry—inventing the future.
Beluga is an Italian-designed high-performance drone by Eurolink Systems. Low-noise, it is the fruit of innovative work marking Italian tradition and showcasing the excellence of Italian engineering.
This cutting-edge drone is designed and produced entirely in Italy, reflecting the precision and expertise of the country’s skilled workforce.”