The Natural Evolution of Drones Technology

Discover the Multimission family with AI on board

Designed to operate in critical mission applications, Beluga Drone is your dual-use ally in the sky.

3 Years of research and testing to design a multimission UAV Drone family.
Beluga Ecosystem approach will let you connect different drones in the same aerial and ground field, or choose the same flying machine to accomplish different operations.


Adaptable, configurable, scalable

Beluga Drone can be set with a various scale of gimbals and sensors

The extreme modularity of Beluga Drone makes it capable to win different use targets. Here are some of the possibilities. Just choose the best for your needs.


How can Beluga Drone assist you?

Unlimited applications

Beluga Drone can be set to accomplish a vaste scale of mission profiles depending on choosen configuration, payload and gimbals. Easy to set-up. One operator and GCS, multiple Drones flying.